Great news! We are always on the lookout for fresh talent. Keep on reading and we will tell you how to do so.

Things you need to know before you apply

I heart Market is a curated market and we choose our traders carefully. Applications are reviewed by an informed team who look for products that are a cut above the rest. We do not accept every application that we receive. Rather we chose the products that we think will best suit our customers and that are unique and different to what we already have on offer at I heart Market.

I heart Market Ethos

We’re here to offer a retail space for independent creatives to showcase quality locally designed and produced goods in the areas of design, craft, fashion and food. When finances are tight, our platform is affordable, and we fervently believe in building a local economy for the greater prosperity of our community.


It doesn’t stop there. We want to create awareness around the environment and the power of shopping local. This means YES to unique, locally produced goods and a strong NO to imported goods and mass production. Think hooray for handcrafted, organic, repurposed or upcycled items and a big sad face for tired trends, extortionate price tags and imports.


This is what makes us who we are and keeps market-goers coming back on the first Saturday of every month. It’s something we’re proud of and it’s what we look for in traders who want to join the I heart Market family.

Application Fee

The I heart Market provides a platform for makers and entrepreneurs to find their customers and for customers to find items they love. By carefully curating traders who align with our ethos, we can continue to deliver a magical market experience. To help with this curation process, we have introduced a R115 application fee. 

This enables us to go through your application thoroughly, ask you for more supporting documents and provide constructive feedback so that you know how to make your product a good fit for the I heart.

The fee is VAT inclusive and a VAT invoice will be sent your way once your application form and fee have been submitted. The application fee is valid for four months.

You’ll need to upload your proof of payment in the application form. This will need to be a proper PoP, no screenshots! Once we have received your application, we’ll check to see if the payment has cleared and proceed. We do not accept Cash Deposits at the Bank Teller. Please either do a EFT or Cash Deposit at the ATM. Thanks : ) 


We reserve the right to decline any application fee for whatever reason we see fit and we will explain this reason via email. 

Shop Small Online Directory

We have just launched our Shop Small Online Directory that promotes creatives, designers and foodies, freelancers and creative small businesses that align with our ethos. This directory will serve as a central point where customers can search for unique, dynamic and local businesses.

Through this Directory, we showcase amazing small businesses from all over the country. So, if you are too far away to attend I heart Market, perhaps you would like to join our Directory too.

More about our Directory:

Each trader’s online profile will consist of

2 x rotating images – 800 x 800px.

A one sentence description about your brand.

Buttons with links to your contact info, website and social media accounts.

Cost & Terms

The cost to be a part of the Directory will be R345 VAT incl for a 3 month period. (This comes to R115 per month + a once off R115 application fee.)

We are accepting applicants for the Nov 2020 – Jan 2021 cycle now.

Traders will also be able to change their image and/or description of their business every 3 months.

The only time we will be able to update a traders directory profile outside of this time frame is if they have changed their name or online links.

Launch Special: In addition to being part of the Directory, each trader will get one featured post on our social media feed during this 3 month time period.

Every month, we will do an IG chat with featured traders from the Directory, for an added boost for the trader and to increase the reach and awareness of the Directory. Yay!

In order to be a part of our Online Directory – Please fill out our application form below. We only accept small creative businesses that align with our ethos, have good quality photographs and high standard of product.

Can my product be produced overseas but designed by me?

No. We believe in creating and reaping the sustainable benefits of a local economy. We do not accept any imported goods that are made in any other country other than South Africa, even if designed or managed by a South African person.

Can I choose my stall position?

Unfortunately not. We take great care in crafting a suitable table plan for each market. Many different criteria are considered, such as the size of the stall, the category thereof and any other specific requirements. 

What if I am not able to trade every month? Will I be positioned in the same place each market?

We understand that sometimes you have other commitments and so we do not require traders to trade every single market. We will however ask you to reapply if you have not attended three markets in a row.


We try our best to keep the same location of each stall as the previous month – but cannot always guarantee this.  If you skip a month, we cannot reserve your position for the following month.

How much does it cost to trade at I heart Market?

Trading costs for 2020: 

Online Business Directory – R345 incl VAT for a 3 month cycle.

Table – 1,5m x 2m: R610 incl VAT, table and one chair included.

Rail – 1,5m x 2m: R610 incl VAT per market, rail not provided. One chair included.

[ Note you may not use both a rail and table for the 1,5m x 2m stalls, due to space constraints. ]

1,5 sized Stall – 1,5m x 3m: R915 incl VAT per market, table and 2 x chairs included. 

Food stall – 3m x 3m: R840 inclusive of VAT per market, table and two chairs included. You must provide your own good quality gazebo.

Electricity Fees: R100 inclusive of VAT per plug

How do I apply?

Fill out our online application form here. (LINK)  but do read the rest of our FAQ’s before filling out a form.


Please take the time to complete the form as thoroughly as possible so that we can get a complete understanding of your product. We ask the questions on the form in order to be in a better position to review each request according to a set of criteria in order to ensure that the products are in keeping with our ethos and vision.


Please explain your product and the manufacturing process clearly.Sell your product to us. We review dozens of applications each week and only select those that stand out to us – therefore the more detail you give us, the better positioned we are to review your product. 

I have a problem with submitting my form, please help!

Unfortunately our processes do not allow us to accept anything other than a completed Online Application Form.


Please check the following and try again.

Ensure that you have completed all the compulsory fields (those which have an asterisk next to them).

Ensure that the size of your photo’s / images / PDF’s do not exceed 200 KB each (as indicated on application form).

Check that your internet connectivity is not too slow and therefore timing out

Check that you are not experiencing any browser issues.

2 x rotating images – 800 x 800px.

A good test​ or workaround​ is to try and submit from another computer.

I have submitted my application form, what now?

You should have received an email stating that we have received your form. If you have not (do check your Spam folder too) then there was a problem with submitting the form. Please read the ‘I have a problem with submitting my form, please help!’ tab for more details.


Please note that we process new applications from the 16th to the 20th of every month. For December applications, we close on 18th November. We ask for your patience while we consider your application and consult our committee. If more information is needed we will email you. Otherwise, we will get back to you as soon as we have made a decision.


Once we have made a decision you will receive an email stating whether we have accepted or declined your product. Please note that we get large numbers of applications and we are forced to be very selective of the stalls.


If we accept you, we will send you all the relevant T’s & C’s, banking details, payment reference, payment deadlines, etc. via email.  


Once payment is received in full, your participation in the event is considered fully confirmed.

Can I send product samples for you to review?

We only accept samples of products that fall under the skin care or food categories so that we can test and taste them. If/when we are ready to sample your products, we will contact you via email to arrange a time to drop off samples. Depending on the nature of your food, potential vendors must supply food samples wrapped as they would be when serving at the market. If the nature of your food product will perish quickly, we can with prior arrangement, arrange for the vendor to prepare the food on site.


NB: Please do not include any packaging that you wish to be returned to you.

What do I need to know when applying for a food stall?

We have a hugely popular food section at our market. At I heart Market we are looking for foods that are ready to eat on site or deli goods, cakes, pastries that can be eaten there or taken home. I heart Market is not a farmers market and we focus more on meals or treats rather than fresh produce.


Electricity points are at a premium and wherever possible, we ask vendors to use gas or other alternatives. When applying please state if you require power and we will assess if we have a spare plug point.


All Health and Safety regulations must be strictly adhered to; failing to do so will result in being dismissed from the market.


All food traders are required by law to have a Food License for the I heart Market venue. As this license is address specific, we will assist you with the application process only once/if we have accepted you as a new trader. 

What about the environment?

We encourage all our traders to consider the impact that their products and packaging have on the environment carefully and to rather than choosing the cheapest or most obvious option; to find a creative solution that has the least impact on environment. 


When considering packaging, please consider using natural fabrics, paper or glass rather than plastic. Plastic is permanent, it takes hundreds of years to break down and often makes its way into the oceans damaging and poisoning sea life and is then passed along the food chain to humans.  


We do not allow plastic straws, polystyrene packaging, balloons or plastic packets at the market and are working towards removing many single use plastics at the I heart Market.